pain is french for bread
‘As he spreads himself unenthusiastically on his hot rock,
a hint of sorrow spurts from beneath his lidded eyes. He is no longer the plump reptile I once knew and loved.’ -gillian anderson's poetry about her iguana

i’m so sad and sick of having epilepsy. i feel like i’m a huge burden on my family. i feel embarrassed that i can’t control myself. i feel depressed because it takes over my life to the point where i’m afraid to leave the house because i may have a seizure and be all alone. i’m sick of being treated like an invalid. im so so so so sad about having epilepsy. 

ugh this morning i had a seizure i think??? it was so weird because i was all alone so i really have no idea if i actually seized or not??? and i was supposed to turn my artwork in today. fuck. but my professor when i emailed him was like “that’s totally fine! just drop it by tomorrow if you can. hope you feel better!” he’s great. 


Two Weeks
FKA twigs


FKA Twigs | Two Weeks

holy shit 


 Ffion Atkinson

Stage Door after The Sweetest Swing In Baseball - 27th April 2004.

can someone 3D printer me a red pen. i need one i’m trying to draw lips.


main aesthetic 

i had to do a master study of hands and boom 

i had to do a master study of hands and boom 

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